Hello! I'm an award-winning director and animator based in Bristol, UK, specialising in 2D animation. I make short films, tv shows, commercials and whatever people let me. Right now I'm working for Wildseed Studios as a writer and director. I recently finished a short film, Not the End of the World.

Dec 15, 2016

That's a wrap on on the BBC series Wolf Jenkins, created by Andy Needle. I worked with the fantastic Wildseed Studios on a show about a literal Vietnam vet fighting for all the helpless animals.

Jan 1, 2017

My short film, Not the End of the World is out! What a response from everyone online! THANKS.

Not the End of the World
Rob O'Neil
Director - Friendly Bear Productions

Having advertised for an animator, I watched dozens of showreels submitted from the UK, USA and Australia and Jack Bennett's was by far the best.

His work was bursting with character, personality, originality and humour.

I commissioned him for a project and was extremely impressed with his professionalism and commitment.

Jack's grasp of the concept not only delivered precisely what was required but he also then went on to contribute ideas which improved and enhanced the film enormously.

Katherine McQueen
Producer - A Productions

Jack’s eagerness to learn and engage in all areas of the animation production pipeline is apparent.

He has shown his creative abilities in the films he has created whilst at university and he would benefit from seeing pipelines working within the industry and explore other softwares.

His experience as a runner at Films @59 has given him a great knowledge base in post and will only benefit his progression in the industry.

Emma Miller
Production Coordinator - A Productions

Jack's Stickman film shows a good knowledge of 2D Flash animation, and a thorough understanding of the short film medium.

Jack's understanding of Flash, and the skills displayed in Stickman, we feel could be easily matured, to ripen his skills from that of a student animator to a professional.

As such, we feel Jack would benefit working in a formal company or workplace.

We would be very keen to utilise him at A Productions as he is very positive, able to take direction and learn quickly.

We feel he has future in the animation industry.

Martin Niman
Creative Director - Kingbee Animation

Jack Bennett is a very hard working and creative, young talented animator.

He has skills in both design, animation and film making with a good eye for detail and ideas.

We enjoyed having Jack work in our studio and work on one of our animated series promos where he designed the backgrounds.

He also assisted with a brainstorm on behalf of a client where he demonstrated a high level of creative thinking and a good understanding of the elements that make up a popular cartoon series.

I would thoroughly recommend Jack as a good all round team player in any innovative animation production studio.

Emma Cepek
Runner & Dispatch Coordinator - Films@59

I have offered to provide Jack with a reference and support him in his application for this fantastic opportunity, as Jack's can do attitude and creativity set him apart from other runners that I employ.

Jack is an exceptional team member that takes on any task with a happy demeanour.

His responsibilities include client and staff care, security, driving, dispatch and logistics.

Despite his full time position Jack's success and passion for animation has made him an award-winner, and I believe he will continue to succeed in the future.

We all admire Jack's talent here at Films@59 and wish him every success.

Mark Stopher
Production Manager - Wildseed Studios

Jack is a joy to have in the studio. We first brought him in for a test on our show Wolf Jenkins, the style of which he immediately understood.

He takes direction very well and soon became essential to the project with his enthusiasm and wide knowledge of animation.

Jack invited us to a screening of his grad film which thoroughly impressed our whole team with its charm.

We are now also talking to Jack about writing opportunities and I would warmly recommend him to anyone without reservation.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any questions!